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this site can serve as an archive, but i've started a new blog here if you'd like to check it out



me walking around with a costume covered in perfume sample baggies to give away

aiop proposal image 1

baggie to be given out for free with temporary tattoo and sample perfume vial


wedding exhibition

this was a series i installed at my wedding at holocene, 1001 se morrison, on march 22nd, with a statement for attendees to read as they came in. i felt it was a good representation of me, and i liked the use of sculptures instead of more arbitrary floral arrangements. here is the statement i included, followed by some quick photos taken with my iphone during installation:

this series began during our collaboration for high desert test sites, thinking about the concept of souvenir, traversing a landscape, and how objects tell stories.  it has opened my eyes to the autobiographical nature of my work

during the six weeks we did our premarital counseling, i commenced a six week period of walking the blocks between my apartment at SE 16th and hawthorne, to SE 12th and ankeny where we were meeting. this photo was on the wall where we met

i crystallized the specimen that i collected during that time in borax, reflecting the salt crystal of sweat, and pheromones.  one piece for hdts i made was crystallized in a similar manner.  in addition, thinking about matt, i cast the objects in an architectural shape using plaster, mimicking his use of the same material for another piece we made for hdts.  the string tying it all together was dyed using the skins of two years worth of onions i have saved while living in my little apartment


flor del desierto

flor del desierto is now available at stars, monticello, haunt, and backtalk!
also the portland flea is this sunday, and there will be samples and full bottles available there as well. 525 se pine at union/pine

in addition, i have just put some silk tapestry pieces online in my etsy shop for sale using the instagram #instasmell hexagonal digital collages i've been producing. they're big enough to be worn as a headscarf, or to simply be hung on the wall as shown



content is tonight!

i'm in room 224, come say hello, and experience my new fragrance flor del desierto desert blossom

this is all there is for now until i reformulate with a new floral at get it bottled, but that's in the works

 there are new tapestry pieces in the pop-up at the cleaners, and custom limited edition temporary tattoos


hdts 2013 is under way!

we're about halfway through our adventure with souvenir_collab and the hdts 2013 program. we just arrived in arcosanti!

check out the souvenir_collab page on my site for updated images and videos


souvenir_collab production

working today on some souvenirs to be collected at the palms in joshua tree on october 12th and 13th! these are silk sewn pouches with dried chaparral leaves inside, the scent is really subtle and heavenly

i love how the silk is sheer, and gives the feeling of waxed paper pressed flower "stained glass" i used to make with my mom after our nature walks

awww...change is good...




many thanks to everyone who has already helped back our kickstarter fundraising campaign! here's a video update on our kickstarter!

and here's a shot of the fragrance creation getting under way 



souvenir jewelry designs

inspired by the hdts project i've been making new necklaces thinking of souvenirs hanging from the rearview mirror, cords tangling, and myriad objects co-mingling into something luscious. some of these are available online, some of them at my antique mall spaces, and some at demimonde studio on ne broadway!


HDTS 2013 Souvenir Collab

matt and i have been on a drive through the desert from joshua tree to albuqerque the last few days, making our way through the map we put together for the high desert test sites (hdts) 2013 program 

this is just a teaser, the more elaborate post is at our blog for the project: souvenir_collab

we'll be posting on instagram using the hashtag #hdts2013 and #souvenircollab and you can follow me at julia_barbee on instagram as well!


chocolate dollars

i was obsessed with the chocolate dollar cookie recipe from the cookie lovers cookie cookbook that i had as a child, and tried altering the recipe to make it gluten free, well, at least wheat free...success!

Chocolate Dollars

1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla (I use more)
3/4 cup brown rice flower
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1/2 cup potato starch
1/3 cup unsweetened powdered cocoa
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

for topping: 
1 tablespoon sugar
sprinkling of sea salt

mix all ingredients. 
the recipe calls for refrigerating the dough, i skip that because i'm too impatient. i just make balls, and press them down, top with some sugar, and this time i tried a little sea salt since the recipe doesn't include salt, and i think it's always nice with dark chocolate. it made a big, delicious difference. 

bake at 325 degrees for 8-10 minutes. they're pretty squishy out of the oven, i often just eat the first one with a spoon!
i searched for years for this cookie cookbook that i used to use as a child, i got it from scholastic news. many thanks to prudence younger for inspiring this recipe!



style me pretty

my friend recently had her wedding featured in style me pretty and she wore a headpiece i made for her. all photos are by gabriel boone photography


craigslist sometimes you scare me


I have got to say I felt your eyes on me ... It's been a long time since someone got caught looking at me, like you were looking at me...You smell my Narciso Rodriguez cologne which is the sense tied most closely to human memory. Now you remember how it feels...

Ryan you are a SuperStud

Every time I smell something sweet I think of you. Even as they years go I am sure you will be there in my quite moments of reflection. I wish that I could just kiss you once, just one passionate kiss and I will treasure it forever. 

Wistful Words for My Sinner

I wore the gardenia body lotion to the gym today. As I worked out, the heat of my body released the scent of gardenia. The smell filled my senses and I could not stop my thoughts from turning to you.  I need to hear your voice so that I know and you know we are not alone in this Void. 



sou'wester room fragrances

i just brought a collection of three sprays to the lodge!

they also have my perfume, and some of the necklaces i made during my residency available in the lobby